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Jeep Gladiator JT / Wrangler JL MOLLE Headrest Panels (Front)

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Maximizing storage space in your Jeep JL or Jeep Gladiator is vital for enthusiasts of all kinds. Invictus Off Road specializes in finding innovative ways to increase your storage space and expand your organizational possibilities by turning often forgotten or “dead” areas into valuable, usable space.

A perfect example of this ingenuity is Invictus Off Road’s Jeep JL/JT MOLLE Headrest Panels. These unique headrest covers use MOLLE material to provide endless opportunities to configure the gear you want close at hand and highly visible, including flashlights, tools, and first aid kits.

Thanks to their carefully crafted nature, the Invictus Off Road MOLLE Headrest Panels fit perfectly, while the paracord lacing on the sides offer extra assurance that the panels and attached gear will stay put even on the roughest of terrain. Invictus Off Road also uses durable, premium materials, meaning that your MOLLE Headrest Panels can endure even the harshest elements, allowing you to go topless in your Jeep JL or JT without worrying.

Taking advantage of all the space you can in your off-road or overland vehicle helps you stay organized and safe on the trail, at camp, and even around town. Don’t go on your next adventure unprepared or resort to tossing your essential supplies haphazardly into the back seat when you could be organized and ready for anything with MOLLE Headrest Panels from Invictus Off Road!

Installation: Remove head rest from seat. Align the clearance cut around the head rest pegs (it's a tight fit so your gear stays where it belongs) then drape the front of the head rest cover over the head rest. Last, cinch tight the straps through the metal buckles.


Check out our product photos for possible gear configuration options.

Customer Reviews

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Great quality, looks fantastic, easy to install on seat head rest. I loved that they took the time to make holes for the head rest poles to make it look even more flush. Great product!


Built sturdy, makes me think if I need more attachment points now?

Love them!

Can’t wait to get more black Multicam products from you!

MOLLE Headrest Panels

I purchased 2 MOLLE Headrest Panels for my 2020 Gladiator. The material is rugged and fits like a glove on my headrests. The headrests have accepted several types of MOLLE attachements with no complaints. Cost is up front but it feels like I'll have these for the life of my Jeep. Good to remember they come as a pair, 2 with 1 order. Thanks Invictus!

Headrest panels

Awesome product, put them in my Gladiator fit like a glove. Will definitely be buying more of their products.