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Jeep Gladiator JT MOLLE Headliner Rear.

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Invictus Off Road’s Jeep JT MOLLE Headliner Rear is a true game-changer for soccer moms and overland expedition enthusiasts alike.

Jeeps are known for many things—their ruggedness, iconic seven-slot grills, integral place in America’s history of freedom, and more—they are not known for comfort or practicality. They speak to the heart, not necessarily to the head.

While the JK Jeep began to change that perception, the Jeep  JT Gladiator have truly reinvented the brand. On-road manners are improved, modern conveniences are available (who thought we’d ever be driving Jeeps with heated seats and touchscreens?), and the brand’s appeal is greater than ever.

There’s no arguing that even the newest, most street-worthy Jeeps still retain some of the rough and tumble traits that their ancestors were known for, including tremendous amounts of road noise and temperature fluctuations in the cabin. Invictus Off Road’s Jeep Gladiator MOLLE Headliner is a solution to both of these faults thanks to its industrial-grade insulation that mitigates road noise and helps you regulate the interior temperature more easily.

Invictus Off Road didn’t stop there, though. In signature fashion, it added MOLLE panels to its hard-top headliner, allowing you to conveniently store whatever it is you need close at hand, from gear, maps to snacks!

Like all Invictus Off Road products, the Jeep Gladiator MOLLE Headliner is designed, produced, and sold right here in the United States. It uses only the best materials, ensuring that it will withstand anything the trails or your kids can throw at it without sagging or showing wear. It’s even available in a variety of colors, including Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green, and Wolf Gray!

Each Jeep Gladiator MOLLE Headliner set includes an fastener loop layer, industrial insulation layer, MOLLE layer, 10 strips of two-inch industrial-strength hook fastener, .



Check out our product photos for possible gear configuration options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gregg Broussard
A great tool to have!

These are honestly a perfect piece to add to your Jeep. They are a fantastic tool. They serve a specific purpose of holding your items and the weight of those items, and it does it flawlessly. I have zero complaints about this product! I'm going to keep buying more products from the Invictus team because they are producing an outstanding quality product, have incredible customer service, and are loyal to providing the community with the best products out there. Another job well done!

Alexis Gomez
Love it!

This product is so simple to install, it works great to help organize my small items during my off-road trips. It is made of great quality and also helps my cabin to stay cooler during hot Florida days. We are very happy

Scott K
Quality stitching and material.

They are made out of good quality material and time is put in to have them turn out good. A simple instruction sheet on how the Velcro is intended to be put on and in what direction would help. Maybe with some tips on how to prep the area and clean the product would be a nice addition.

Look Awesome!

Really happy with the look. Fit and finish is excellent. Looking forward to using all the storage opportunities.

Cain Schuler
Rear Headliners for my Gladiator

Huge difference in road noise, and my kids say it heats up faster. Overall I’m super stoked for the molle, and being able to store more things.