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Headliner Patch Kit

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This kit uses 1" Velcro strips and 1" One Wrap Strips to create two 11"X11" squares that can be used to apply patches and other Velcro hooked backed accessories.  This kit works with the MOLLE webbing giving you the best of both worlds. 

Kit contains: 

  • 14-1" Loop Velcro Strips
  • 8 -1" ONE Wrap Velcro strips


  1. Lace 7 Loop Velcro strips through MOLLE webbing all starting at the same horizontal row.
  2.  3 Rows of MOLLE down, weave 1 of the ONE Wrap strips in-between the Loop Velcro strips. 
  3. Go to the top row from step 1 and weave a second ONE Wrap strip starting on an opposite Loop Velcro from step 2.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on bottom section. 
  5. Tuck excess loop Velcro into MOLLE webbing.
  6. Trim excess ONE wrap

(see photos below) 


Customer Reviews

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Gregg Broussard
Such a great idea!

When I first purchased my JT, I had a mini panic attack...Where will my patches go?! I have so many, but i've got nowhere to stick'em! Well, here is the solution! This kit is perfect in that it literally is strips of velcro that can be woven directly into the Invictus headliner panels and then you can just start slapping all of your ridiculous, though super awesome, patches onto! Thank ya'll for being so incredible and providing us with such phenomenal products. Can't wait for more!