Standard Velcro installation

Headliner Velcro 

Prepping the Hardtop

  • Surface should be clean, dry and free of oils
  • We recommend removal of the hard top for installation, however this is not necessary.  
  • Use rubbing alcohol or acetone and a clean lint free rag  to wipe off all contaminates,  and allow to dry. 

  • Cut Supplied Velcro 

  • Each Invictus Off Road Headliner set comes with 1 Roll of 2” Velcro. 
  • Trim the velcro to fit the desired area on your hard top. 
  • With the supplied roll there is enough to put 4 large strips per headliner panel with extra left over. We recommend putting the extra in an area you anticipate the highest load. 

  • Installing Velcro (STANDARD VELCRO)

  • Peel release liner from back of tape and apply. Be careful not to touch adhesive with your fingers To maximize adhesive performance, substrate and tape should be applied in conditions of 18-24°C (64-75F)
  • Apply 1 strip at a time working your way across the rear of the hard top. It is VERY important to take your time on your placement and use a hard smooth object to press  out the air gaps and seal the adhesive. We typically use the handle of our scissors.  

    Note: If you are installing these strips in temperatures outside of 18-24°C (64-75F) we recommend application in a climate controlled environment allowing the vehicle adequate time to acclimate. 

  • Allow 24 hours for full bond strength. VELCRO® Brand adhesive products will bond to most metals, glass, wood, card, ceramics and plastics.

  • Installing Headliner, with hardtop on vehicle

  • For the Rear Gladiator Headliner or The Back seat Wrangler Headliner, Cut a piece of Cardboard or similar material approximately 21 inches by 10 inches. 
  • Install the cardboard cut out on top of the soundbar seen below 

  • Slide MOLLE headliner in between cardboard and soundbar seen below.

  • Position the label side of the MOLLE Headliner to your desired location and start pressing the headliner to the velcro starting at the label. When you get closer to the sound bar remove cardboard and continue to press down. Enjoy your Invictus Off Road MOLLE Headliner!
  • Installing Headliner

  • Align headliner and press on to velcro, ensure each section of hook and loop has been pressed firmly together.