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JK Jeep MOLLE Rollbar Handles (Front)

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The Jeep JK and JKU brought the Wrangler platform to the masses nearly 20 years ago and have since established themselves as staples in the off-road and overland communities, as well as practical daily drivers and family vehicles. Their popularity and versatility make them a truly iconic model.

Whether you drive over big rocks, take epic camping trips, or crawl the mall in your Jeep JK, one thing is certain—the lack of grab handles makes getting into and out of the vehicle more difficult than it should be! Rather than opting for cheap roll bar grab handles that are an eyesore and tend to deteriorate quickly, why not choose something that looks great, will withstand the elements and time, adds additional storage to your Jeep, and is made right here in America?

Invictus Off Road’s Jeep JK MOLLE Grab Handle Wraps check all those boxes and more. The premium MOLLE material that Invictus Off Road uses is designed to take on the toughest of tests—including the mud and rain when you decide to hit the trail topless—and allows you to mount a variety of accessories within arms’ reach. Invictus Off Road put thought into every detail and selected high-quality materials for each element of its innovative wraps. Even the handle itself—a mountain bike grip that offers superior comfort and durability—was carefully chosen to enhance the performance of the wrap.

With bountiful color options available (Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green, and Wolf Gray), the Invictus Off Road Jeep JK MOLLE Grab Handle Wrap is sure to contribute to the style of your Jeep Wrangler, too. You really can’t go wrong with these innovative grips!

Installation: Remove Front Freedom panels or soft top mounting system. Align the front of the wrap with the soft top mounting location on the cage. Wrap the panel around the cage and press down on the Velcro.  See video for demonstration (coming soon).


Check out our product photos for possible gear configuration options.

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