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Jeep JT MOLLE Rollbar Handles (Rear)

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One of the joys of owning a Jeep is sharing it with others. Whether you’re part of a local Jeep club, always find yourself being the designated chauffeur for your friends, or have a family larger than two, chances are your backseats get used quite a bit. That’s just the price you pay for driving one of the coolest vehicles on the market.

Giving those extra passengers a solid handle to assist them in and out of the backseat can make the experience better for everyone, especially if you plan to hit some rough roads. Invictus Off Road has the perfect solution for exactly this scenario. Its MOLLE Grab Handle Wrap for the rear of the Jeep JT provides a premium grab handle to elevate the comfort and function of your Jeep Gladiator’s backseats.

Rather than a cheap plastic or rubber handle that is unpleasant to grab and lacks durability, Invictus Off Road uses a mountain bike grip that offers superior comfort, longevity, and stability on and off-road. You can even customize the location of the grip to suit your needs, maximize convenience, retain window access for backseat passengers, and facilitate your storage configuration.

Speaking of storage, Invictus Off Road’s MOLLE Grab Handle Wrap is proudly designed and crafted in the United States out of premium MOLLE material that is not only exceptionally durable but also gives you storage space. So, whether you have a passenger in the back or not, these grab handles open a new world of organization possibilities to all off-roaders, overlanders, gadget guys, and so on!


 Align the clearance cut for the soft top mounting location on the cage. Wrap the panel around the cage and press down on the Velcro.  See video for demonstration.


Check out our product photos for possible gear configuration options.

Customer Reviews

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Alexis Gomez
Looks GREAT!

Excellent just like the front ones. You have to get the rear to complete the setup and it is awesome. perfect fit for my JT!

Fit and look Great

Installation is super easy and they fit great. Not sure what I'll mount up in the rear yet, went with a knife and flashlight up front.

John Fowler

Jeep JT MOLLE Rollbar Handles (Rear)

Jacob Bayani

Material feels durable. Color is on point. The only suggestion is for the handle height to be adjustable. And maybe some rubber or silicone on the inside to keep the roll at wrap from sliding. Doesn’t slide much but it could help.

Tom F
Great product

I ordered both the front and back grab handles for my 2020 Gladiator. It's great to see that these actually fit a Gladiator, unlike all of the others that were apparently made to only go around a roll bar and not the wider Gladiator application. My ONLY drawback here is that the handles do hang down a little low, there's not a way to adjust these so I'm content to just hit my head on it every time I get in or out. :)