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Jeep Gladiator MOLLE Seat Panel (Passenger Back Seat)

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The rear seat storage incorporated into the Jeep Gladiator design provides a nice area to stow gear when the seats are in the upright position. For many off-roaders, overlanders, and daily drivers, though, that limited space is simply not enough. Thankfully, Invictus Off Road’s Jeep JT Rear Seat MOLLE Panel takes that storage and improves it dramatically.

The premium MOLLE material used in these seat panels allows you to securely mount accessories to the lower portion when the rear seat is in the upright position and the entire back of the sear when in the folded position, expanding the possible applications and increasing the overall space and usefulness of the factory storage feature. From essentials such as first aid kits and flashlights to items such as soft shackles and camping accessories, there is ample room for you to configure and organize your gear as you see fit.

You can customize the look of your Jeep Gladiator with the seat panels as well, as they are available in Army Green, Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, and Wolf Gray. As with all Invictus Off Road products, every Jeep JT Rear Seat MOLLE Panel is made in America using the highest-quality materials that are sure to be durable and long-lasting. When it comes to maximizing the limited space in the rear of your Jeep Gladiator, the Invictus Off Road Jeep JT Rear Seat MOLLE Panel is the way to go!

Installation: Align the clearance cut around the head rest (it's a tight fit so your gear stays where it belongs) then drape the front of the seat cover and tuck the straps under the bottom of the seat. The back side aligns with the outside seam of the seat and press the Velcro down. Last, loop the straps that you slide between the seat through the supplied cuts and cinch tight with the buckle. See video for demonstration.

Check out our product photos for possible gear configuration options.

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